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I thought I would share some little-known info regarding some apps on a Android.

I actually repair more Apple products that anything else but I don’t own an Apple product (I’m not 5!) and I like to personalise my electronic devices a little – something Apple don’t really let you do (well, they do to an extent, but you get what you get when have iOS).

So what I wanted to share with you were details of Launcher Apps.
A Launcher is like a Windows Desktop on an Android. OK, it does more than just have a desktop and some icons on it, but if you have a Home Screen on your Android (of course you do!) with all your icons on it and perhaps some widgets, then this is more than likely to be the standard Android launcher that either comes with the phone and therefore is developed and designed by the phone manufacturer, or perhaps even a customised network provider launcher (say a Launcher from O2 or something similar).
What you can do is install a different Launcher which is highly customisable. And there are plenty of them.
What I’m going to try and do is give you some idea of the best of them. The best is usually the most popular and therefore gains more features, but just because zillions of people have it, doesn’t make it the best. I suppose its all subjective anyway, as is my opinion.

One thing a customised Launcher will do for you is get rid of that annoying Google Search bar on your Home screen!
And you can select the number of screens you have rather than the default that comes with your phone. You can also customise how the screens revolve, whether it has borders, all sorts of cosmetic features that make your phone yours!

Here we go…

Nova Launcher (website)
I think this is the best Android Launcher out there and many people agree with me. It comes as a FREE version and also a paid version. And it has loads of options to work through. You do have to have at Least Android 4.0 to use it.

Apex Launcher (website)
I’ve tried the Apex Launcher and although it too is very good, I found Nova to be easier to use and had more options. But Apex is a very good alternative. I think it also supports older versions of Android so if you can’t use Nova then Apex is still great.

ADW Launcher (website)
I did use this Launcher for a while as it is completely free and I agree with Open Source Software. It is very good for a completely free version.

GO Launcher EX (website)
GO do lots of apps on Android and although their Laucnher is good, I don’t like their model in that they entice you to purchase their apps by using their free versions – commonly know as the Freemium model. So it is no surprise that the Go Launcher has a paid for version, Go Launcher Prime, which is needed for additional features.

Launcher 8 (website)
I’m not sure why you might want to do this, but this Launcher does as it implies – it turns your Home screen into a Windows lookalike screen. I’ve never tried it but it looks good I suppose and if you want to fool your friends, then go for it.

Hi Launcher (website)
On the same theme of changing the look of your phone, this Launcher makes your phone look like iOS, so like an iPhone! Silly but clever! A step back in my opinion!

That’s all from me.
Just remember that these Launchers are just apps – you can turn them off, change them for another or uninstall them, so don’t worry about changing your phone forever! Its not like some techie rooting your device or something like that.

My next articles will be Antivirus for phones and then perhaps some more techie articles on phone repairs.

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