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As many of you know, I repair mobile phones at Jock IT. Mainly iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s but also tablets such as iPads and Nexus, Kindles and even SatNavs.
And I buy all of my parts in bulk from a Chinese suppplier. I had tried a few suppliers in China, and although sometimes it is testing to work with some of them sometimes, I have stuck with one for about a year and their parts are always very good. But just how good are these parts?
Well, when you buy parts from China, you can buy several different ‘options’ of the same part. So an iPhone 4 screen say, you can buy a High Quality Copy, a A+ copy, an OEM, and finally an ‘Original’. I always buy originals. I’m not sure if they are originals and many people have questioned my policy of buying originals by saying they are NOT originals because I don’t buy them from Apple! These people forget that Apple don’t make screens. In fact, Apple don’t manufacture ANYTHING! They design and develop but do not build! Apple sub-contract out their manufacturing and guess who does most of it?? Yep, the Chinese.
My screens come from the same factory that the Apple screens come from.

But further to this, I decided to do a small test by buying screens from various buyers on eBay, which is where I believe some of my competitors buy screens, and some of the amateur repairers who do it themselves buy them.
I wanted to compared these screens with my ‘originals’ I buy from China.

I bought the following to test:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5G
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3/4 (these are essentially the same glass screens)

I bought several of these items over a 2-3 week period from various sellers who had good ratings.
What I found was the iPad screens were of a VERY BAD quality. In some cases, I didn’t even use the screens when it came to an ipad repair as I was embarrassed to put them on these devices and be associated with the repairs. Most of these screens come with pre-fitted tape to stick the screen down with, but I found this was completely ineffective. I have my own very strong tape and also a soft adhesive I use, so this tape was a hindrance to my repairs. They also come with a new Home button and bracket. The brackets were so cheap that I have a bag of them now. I simply didn’t use them.

The iPhone 4, 4S and 5 screens were also of a bad quality. About 75% of these screens were faulty in some way. The faults were not something quite obvious, but to me, who has been repairing screens for 4 years, it was obvious. Things like ghosting and dead pixels. I simply wouldn’t use them.
The only screen which was decent enough to use was the iPhone 5C screens.

The other factor in this is the price. Now some of these screens might seem cheap. Around £12-£15 for an iPad screen and around £20 for an iPhone screen, higher for the 5 and 5C.
I pay slightly more than that for my screens in China. I could buy the copies and buy them at about 60% of the price of these screens in the UK, but why would I take that risk??
The screens I buy are almost always excellent. I do get failures but I think that is the same for any manufacturing output. There is a level of failure. It doesn’t mean the process is a failure or the quality is less for the batch.

So, in summary, if you are looking to get your iPhone or iPad repaired, or any other device, try to get a repairer who uses original parts AND provides you with a warranty (providing a warranty means that the parts are good quality). Question your supplier and ask them where they purchase their parts.
And if you want quality work that is always warrantied, them give me a call at Jock IT – 07808-906036

You will get a repair which is the best parts on the market that have been tried and tested.
I also offer receipts and invoice terms, and I take credit/debit cards.


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