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OMG! I can’t believe I haven’t posted on my blog since 31st May!
I mean, what’s the point in having a blog if you don’t use it Mr Eastwood?!

So a recent post by an old colleague Ady (well, he’s not that old, but I mean a colleague from the past!) prompted me into thinking about my own reading. I used to own a Nokia N97 (the strange flippy phone with a keyboard on it!) and I had a brilliant little application on it called Gravity. Even now that I’ve upgraded my phone to a HTC Sensation running Android, Gravity still knocks socks off the social media tools on it.
But to my point, I used to read my news feeds (RSS) through the Gravity interface and it was wonderful.

Now I’ve upgraded my phone, its just as easy to read these feeds, but its about having the time to do it. On my laptop its straight into Google Reader which is, well, just convenient. But Ady listed his Top 10 of feeds and it made me think of my feeds, which ones I read and which ones I subscribe to but hardly get past the subject line! Here it is, and I’m afraid they are in a particular order!

1. Depth Perception
A blog mainly about communications by Kevin Jackson, whom I worked with at Jack Morton Worldwide. I find his blogs funny, informative and just a bloody good read. Kevin is obviously a talented people person and has a wealth of experience in his world. This blog takes about 2 mins to read and is just a great read.

2. Pop Vulture
Another Jack Morton colleague, Gareth Dimelow worked in the creative messaging team, so he’s one of those guys who is good at coming up with the one-liners! And his blog is very, very funny and full of one-liners. He blogs about, well, popular culture so its not really anything to do with his work. But is really funny!

3. WebAppers
“Hunting the best Open Source resources for Web Developers”. Does what it says on the tin! A really useful blog about all things Open Source. I’ve never really called myself a web developer (and some may laugh at me if I did!), but as it is now part of my job, I find this blog so useful for new ideas and knowledge in the web development world.

4. Smashing Magazine
As with Ady, I love this blog about design and development. Loads of ‘hints, tips and techniques’, similar in a way to WebAppers and A List Apart.

5. Brass Tack Thinking
A very academic view of social media, in my view. Amber writes well about how social media affects our professional lives. Her personal blog is also a good read.

6. A List Apart
If you’ve never read this blog (not a blog in the true sense of the word), then have a browse around on the site. A very informative site relating mainly to web development. I find it very useful.

7. Star Tier
As listed in my introduction, this is a blog by an old colleague Ady Coles who I worked with at Public-i. I feel its slightly unfair to put this blog so low on my list but Ady just doesn’t post very often. But I read every post Ady does and find them useful, even though its completely stuck in his Apple world!

8. Spencer Wilson
Another kind of work-related blog from my days at Public-i. Spencer works for Kirklees Council somewhere up North! Huddesfield I seem to remember. Spencer doesn’t post that often (but probably a lot more often than me!), and his posts are much more related to the ‘local council issues’, which can sometimes be a little boring, but he has an interesting view of it all!

9. Luga
I hope I’m not blowing his cover here, but Luga is a guy I worked with at Public-i (he’s mentioned in item 10!). He makes music. Personally, I wouldn’t listen to all of it, but he does produce some good tunes sometimes and is worth listening to. I actually bought one of his CD’s once of the web!

10. Tarl’s America Trip 2009
Although this blog no longer gets posted to and I don’t read it anymore, it is a really fascinating read and crudely quite funny. Tarl is the brother of an old colleague, again from Public-i, called Lewis. Tarl went off to America for a few months in 2009 and decided to blog about his whole trip. I looked forward to his ramblings every day. Unfortunately, he never fully completed the blog either, which I found really frustrating. But a funny read!

That’s it really, there are other blogs I dip into such as Scottish Football, Scottish Island Explorer and even Curious Catherine, but in my view CC’s blog is adjacent to verbalĀ diarrhea. Yes, perhaps I don’t understand it but then who does! Its just pure narcissism.

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